Entry #2

Retime Patch - V1.11

2011-07-18 15:51:08 by Retimer

The new patch includes:

-CHANGE: Significant damage boosts and healer healing cost reductions. Could be temporary, could be permanent.
-CHANGE: Red scrolls will now drop earlier
-ADD: 6 new green magic abilities (60 scrolls)
-ADD: Green magic feature unlock
-CHANGE: Doubled the rounds Tainted Love lasts
-ADD: New weakness battle effect
-ADD: New slow battle effect
-FIX: You should no longer have to relog after learning an ability to use it

Retime Patch - V1.11


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2011-07-24 12:58:51

good you finally took the time to add retime to NG, hope it gains popularity! i'll do my best to help! =p
(too bad it didn't make top 5 that day...if it did, thousands of people would've gotten it in an email... i know that it didn't, because i sub to ng!)


2012-05-19 02:08:39

I highly respect you for a number of reasons, and I think it is outstanding that you are continually working on making the game better =). Really, great job!