Retime Patch - V1.11

2011-07-18 15:51:08 by Retimer

The new patch includes:

-CHANGE: Significant damage boosts and healer healing cost reductions. Could be temporary, could be permanent.
-CHANGE: Red scrolls will now drop earlier
-ADD: 6 new green magic abilities (60 scrolls)
-ADD: Green magic feature unlock
-CHANGE: Doubled the rounds Tainted Love lasts
-ADD: New weakness battle effect
-ADD: New slow battle effect
-FIX: You should no longer have to relog after learning an ability to use it

Retime Patch - V1.11

While updates can be found on the Retime forum i'll post them here as well:

Version 1.09/1.10
-FIX: Severe bug with auctioning items in storage.
-ADD: New global combat abilities (Support and Offensive)
-FIX: Battle window scaling is now 1:1 ...something goofy was going on there.
-FIX: You can now open skills while in town
-ADD: Remember me box for logging in
-CHANGE: Flee no longer costs or requires soulpool
-CHANGE: Removed Offer window 1 - tapjoy has closed
-FIX: Fishing exp scrolls should now work properly.
-ADD: 4 new red magic abilities, containing 10 tiers each (so 40 scrolls).
-ADD: Error protection around battle action cooldowns (prevents permanent cooldown)
-FIX: All glow effects should now be extremely optimized, and lag should be nil for those processing effects.
-ADD: Blue I-I and Red I-I can now be found in Bymoor

Retime MMORPG  - V 1.09/1.10 Patch